From Auschwitz To Jerusalem

A film by Michel Mees and Yvan Sevenans

From Auschwitz to Jerusalem tells the story of Jewish children, hidden children, who were often baptized during the war in order to survive the genocide. At the end of the war, many of these children, now orphaned, were recovered by the Jewish Agency and placed in gathering camps in Belgium. A long - both symbolic and real - journey in search of their lost identity then began for them. This clandestine journey would take them to Palestine.


Michel Mees
Writers: Michel Mees
Yvan Sevenans
Images: Antonio Capurso

Josquin Cambier

Editing: Jean-Louis Martin
Jean Dewael
Music: Marc Keyaert
Commentary: Yvan Sevenans
Historical adviser : J-Ph. Schreiber
Producer assistant: Joëlle Kilimnik
Producers: Willy Perelsztejn
Serge Decleer
Daniel Parmentier
51 minutes - Beta digital - Stereo - Colour

A coproduction of Les Films de la Mémoire - Inedithing SA - RTBF

With the support:
  • Of the 16/9 Action Plan of the European Union
  • Of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the French-speaking Community of Belgium
  • Of the Special Funds of the French-speaking Community of Belgium

Distributed with the support of the program of the European Union.

Grand Historical Prize : XXIInd International Festival of the Art and Pedagogic Film, UNESCO House, Paris - december 1998

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