Chocolat, Mon Amour

A film by Christophe Fraipont

Chocolat mon amour is a taste tantalizing celebration of the world of chocolate. Featuring interviews with some of the finest Belgian and French chocolatiers in Brussels and Paris, Chocolat mon amour tells the story of how chocolate, originally a luxury item reserved for the aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie, became an everyday delicacy in Europe, accessible to all, even in its most sophisticated and deluxe form, the Belgian praline. The film evokes the sensuality and passion of chocolate, and the never-ending quest of generations of chocolatiers to develop new flavors and fillings.


Christophe Fraipont
Actors: Fiona Gordon
Dominique Abel
Writers: Willy Perelsztejn
Jan Peré

Yves Cremer

Sound: Paul Delnoy
Jean-Pierre Everaerts
Food styling: Françoise Lascar
Editing: Paul-Jean Vranken
Production director: Sophie Schyns
Executive producers: Claude Haïm
Willy Perelsztejn
Program manager: Vivien Marx
60 minutes - Beta digital 16/9 - Stereo - Colour

A coproduction of Les Films de la Mémoire - Parallèles Productions
  • In coproduction with the ZDF
  • In collaboration with RTBF and ARTE
  • With the support of the 16/9 plan of the European Union

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