Concert Yiddish Soul

A film by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro

Concert Yiddish Soul goes hand in hand with Yiddish Soul. It reveals the flourishing repertory of Yiddish song through a concert given by Karsten Troyke, Shura Lipovsky and the KlezRoym, in Brussels, March 16, 2005, under Myriam Fuks’s patronage.


Nathalie Rossetti
Turi Finocchiaro
Image: Michel Baudour

Philippe Vandendriessche

43 minutes - Beta digital - Stereo - Colour

A coproduction © Les Productions du Lagon - Les Films de la Mémoire - Arte France

Nominated at the Jewish Eye Film Festival - Israel 2008
Nominated at the
Chicago European Union Film Festival - USA, March 2006
Nominated at the 20th Pärnu International Film Festival - Latvia, July 2006

Nominated at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - USA 2007

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