Luxemburg, USA

A film by Christophe Wagner

In the 19th century, America was the land of hope and the future for millions of Europeans. Thousands of peasants from Belgium and Luxembourg set off for adventure in America, at the edges of the known world. They built homes and reconstructed living areas modeled after life back home. They clung to their identities and language and called their towns Belgium, Luxemburg, Rollingstone... Luxemburg, USA is a contemporary portrait of the Midwest, of America's conservative rural heartland, seen through the prism of a specific community, that of the Luxembourg immigrants' descendents, their lives today, and their history.

Direction and writing:

Christophe Wagner
Image: Carlo Thiel

Carlo Thoss

Producer: Willy Perelsztejn
Associate producer: Joy Hoffmann
90 minutes - HDCam - Stereo - Colour

A coproduction © Nowhere Land Productions - Les Films de la Mémoire - CNA - Télésparks - Luxembourg et Grande Région, Capitale européenne de la Culture 2007 - France 3

Nominated at the Max Ophuls Preis 2007 in Saarbrücken (Germany)

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