The Picture Divided
(chronicle of an underground emigration)

A film by José Vieira

At the beginning of the 60's, thousands of Portuguese turned up in France through the underground. They were fleeing misery, war and repression. Left to unscrupulous smugglers, they had to cross the Iberian Peninsula tracked by the Portuguese and Spanish police. For many, the voyage towards France turned into a disaster. As a child in a shantytown, the author remembers having heard about these terrible odysseys. Thirty years later, he goes in search of the stories of his childhood and seeks to understand what sparked this unprecedented emigration known as the "plebiscite by foot" against Salazar. Between childhood memories and historical investigation, he looks for the images of this exodus, the largest in post-war Europe.

Director and Writer:

José Vieira
Image: Nicolas Thibault

Karim Bouta


Sophie Bolze

52 minutes - Beta digital - Stereo - B&W and Colour

A coproduction © La Huit - Animais - Les Films de la Mémoire - RTBF Brussels - RTP - Téléssonne

Planet Prize at the Amiens International Film Festival, november 2002.

Prize of the cine-clubs at the Doc Lisboa / Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival, may-june 2002.

Prize of the best documentary at the Paths of Portuguese Cinema, april 2002.

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