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11/05/2010: Modus Operandi was broadcast on national Belgian TV and reached 500.000 viewers on RTBF and Canvas

08/02/2010: Modus Operandi has reached 18.000 viewers in theaters, 11.000 of which between 12 and 18 years old.



30/03/2009: The Lunch Box is awarded the "Digital 6 Prize" at the 8èmes rencontres du cinéma européen in Vannes (France)



24/12/2008: In 2009, a softcover limited edition of the pedagogical booklet of Modus Operandi will be given as a free bonus along with the 500 next purchases of the DVD in libraries.

19/12/2008: 13.250 viewers in theaters for Modus Operandi, 7.000 of which are between 12 and 18 years old.

19/11/2008: Release of Modus Operandi on DVD (list of shops carrying the DVD)

30/10/2008: The Lunch Box is awarded the "Prize for the First Professional Film" at the Traces de Vie festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France)

22/10/2008: The Lunch Box is nominated at the Dehli International Ethnographic Film Festival (India)

13/10/2008: The Lunch Box is nominated at the MedFilm Festival (Italy)

20/08/2008: The Lunch Box is nominated at Doc'Ouest 08 (France)

04/08/2008: The Lunch Box is nominated at the Cinefest festival (Hungary)

01/08/2008: The Lunch Box is awarded the "Television Prize" at the Avanca Awards '08 (Portugal)

10/07/2008: Modus Operandi reaches 10.000 viewers in theaters

10/05/2008: The Lunch Box is awarded an "Étoile de la SCAM 2008"

05/03/2008: Theater release of Modus Operandi in 11 cities in Belgium

25/01/2008: Visit the official website of Modus Operandi



11/12/2007: DVD release of David Susskind

08/10/2007: Marthe Keller is confirmed for the voice-over of Modus Operandi

08/10/2007: Visit the official website of Luxemburg, USA (in French only) :

18/07/2007: Luxemburg, USA will be released in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and will be featured in the Europalia festival in Brussels on the 26/10/2007. It will be released in theaters in Brussels on the 31/10/2007. It will be featured again in Europalia in Tournai on the 6/11/2007

2/05/2007: David Susskind is released in theaters:

from May 2 to June 5 in Brussels
May 3 in Liège
May 4 in Namur
May 7 in Mons
May 8 in Charleroi

23/02/2007: The Lunch Box, David Susskind and Luxemburg, USA are in the post-production phase


07/12/2006: The shootings of Luxemburg, USA and The Lunch Box are finished

19/09/2006: Luxemburg, USA is currently being shot

19/09/2006: The shooting of The Lunch Box is confirmed for October

10/07/2006: The shooting of David Susskind is finished

05/07/2006: Release date for the special edition of Siegi Hirsch, weaving human relations on DVD with 72 minutes of bonus material (bonus material in French only)

09/04/2006: First TV broadcast of Concert Yiddish Soul on Arte

18/03/2006: First TV broadcast of Yiddish Soul on Belgian television RTBF 2


14/10/2005: Heim Ins Reich triumphs at the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis 2005:

Best luxemburgish film and Public's prize!

26.300 people had seen Heim ins Reich during its theater release in late 2004, an absolute record for a theater-released documentary film in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, far ahead of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

Carlo Thoss, sound engineer on Heim Ins Reich, also received the prize for the best technician for his career as a whole

14/09/2005: Siegi Hirsch, weaving human relations is nominated at the Amiens international film festival

15/07/2005: Heim Ins Reich keeps going: over 4.000 DVD sales in Luxemburg, and a selection at the Montréal "Festival des Films du Monde" film festival (september 2005)

09/05/2005: First TV broadcast of Siegi Hirsch, weaving human relations on Belgian television RTBF 2

16/03/2005: For the shooting of Yiddish Soul, we organised an exceptional yiddish concert at the Residence Palace in Brussels, with Karsten Troyke, Shura Lipovsky, the KlezRoyms, Myriam Fuks, and Frank London from the Klezmatics as a surprise guest

27/01/2005: Heim Ins Reich's first broadcast on Belgian television RTBF 2

26/01/2005: Heim Ins Reich Special Evening in Kinepolis - Brussels


30/12/2004: Heim Ins Reich : 26.300 entrances sold in Luxemburg (over 5% of the population)

Triple record :
- absolute record for a documentary film released in theaters in Luxemburg
- 1st time that a film from Luxemburg is 1st at the Luxemburg box-office
- 1st time that a documentary is 1st at the Luxemburg box-office

16/12/2004: Heim Ins Reich wins the Unesco Grand Prize for Best Historical Research in Art and Pedagogical films (France)

17/09/2004: Heim Ins Reich, a film by Claude Lahr, is released in theaters in Luxemburg

09/09/2004: First-night of the film Heim Ins Reich by Claude Lahr, together with the Grand Duc and the Grande Duchesse of Luxembourg, as well as their Ministers

30/04/2004: Frédéric Dumont and Bernard Balteau's film Just A Link is nominated for the Dexia Bank Journalism Prize 2003 (Belgium)

15/04/2004: Dider Roten's film Victor Martin's Mission wins the Jury's Prize at the FI.DOC Festival of Documentary Fiction Film in Cap Breton (France)

24/03/2004: Our website is now online