Current Projects

In development:

  • Ashcan
  • Waterloo
  • Adam and Eve
  • Diary of a man without glory
  • Journey to Comfortland
  • Luxemburg: Europe's laboratory
  • Timecode
  • The Gold Robbers
  • Triks


Ashcan tells the story of the secret prison designed by the American army in Luxembourg. This is the prison where the main Nazi leaders were kept after the allied victory, from May 1945 to August 1945. These « inconvenient » prisoners had to be locked up prior to their trial before an international tribunal. But where? And under which conditions will they be interrogated? And by whom?



Waterloo tells the real story of the Battle of Waterloo. It’s the « thriller » movie of one of the most famous battles in history. Hour by hour, often minute by minute, Waterloo describes the events of the battle. Waterloo relies on the written testimonies of the soldiers, and describes their life in the battle without romancing it: it tells of their hopes, fears, suffering, and death.

A documentary written and directed by Hugues Lanneau, based on an original idea by Willy Perelsztejn


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve is a feature-length essay that will wittily examine the story of Adam and Eve from fresh and exciting perspectives. The film will go back to the original texts (the Bible, Gnostic writings, the Qur’an) to sweep aside millennia of misinterpretation, provocatively deconstructing the story in the way one does a mystery novel.

A documentary written and directed by Scott Murray


Diary of a man without glory

This is the story of every person dealing with military occupation. What does one do, cohabit with the occupying authorities, collaborate, resist, or simply survive? It is the story of a fictional character during World War II. Neither resistor nor collaborator, he contented himself with surviving one day at a time. The fictional author of this diary, which is based on real events and thorough historical research, takes us on a critical reading of events and the (self) questioning to which it gives rise.

A documentary written and directed by Hugues Lanneau, based on an original idea by Willy Perelsztejn


Journey to Comfortland

Journey to Comfortland is a humorous journey to the heart of Belgian identity, to plumb the depths of the society of comfort.  The country’s philosophy of life is represented by the availability of epidural analgesia in childbirth.  Childbirth must be painless.  Life, too, must be lived without pain. A French journalist meets a character who shows her a secret society that has “controlled” Belgium since World War II, in order to keep Belgium from joining the communist fold. This secret society drew up ten new “commandments” for the country whereby capitalism had to surpass all the advantages that communism promised. The end result is that Belgians all have a right to modern comfort in all its forms...

A documentary written and directed by Willy Perelsztejn



The portrait of Jean-Pierre Beauviala - visionary inventor, founder of Aaton and forefather of the timecode - of the items manufactured by Aaton and the people who make them.

A documentary written and directed by Philippe Vandendriessche

The Gold Robbers

The experience of a French courtesan and the birth of the first "western" story, set during the gold rush in Victoria, Australia.

A documentary written by Jana Verhoeven and directed by Diane Perelsztejn


Triks is a documentary that focuses on three European magicians (Hans Trixer, Helmut Schreiber and Henk Vermeyden) whose divergent lives intersected at a famous magic studio in post-World War II Amsterdam called "Studio Triks".

A documentary written and directed by David Regos