About Us

Created in 1987 by Diane Perelsztejn and Willy Perelsztejn, Les Films de la Mémoire is based in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Our aim is to create a transmission of memory by creating, producing, and distributing documentary films.

Modus Operandi describes the workings of the Holocaust in Belgium. It shows how a few men oversaw the institution of the Third Reich’s anti-Semitic laws and the deportation of 25,000 men, women, and children to Auschwitz. Marthe Keller is doing the voice-over in French.

Luxemburg, USA tells the story of the emigration of Luxembourgers to the USA during the 19th century, a portrait of the rural and conservative America, through the offsprings of the Luxembourgish immigrants in the Midwest.

The Lunch Box is a film about the lunch box, a very ordinary item in Belgium, seen through the eyes of a young French director who, through this box and its customs, paints the portrait of the Belgian society.
David Susskind, story of a Mensch is the portrait of an exceptional figure in the modern history of judaism in Belgium and in Europe, fighter for peace in the Middle East. The film details the destiny of this man through his many encounters and commitments.
Yiddish Soul
is a documentary taking us to the heart and emotions of today's yiddish song, following talented singers such as Karsten Troyke and Shura Lipovsky.
Yiddish Soul Concert focuses on the exceptional Yiddish Night concert in Brussels on the 16th of March 2005.

Siegi Hirsch is a documentary on Siegi Hirsch, a brilliant teacher and therapist, and above all, a guide. This film allows us to discover his strong personality and his unconditional faith in mankind.
Heim Ins Reich is a documentary on the failed annexation of the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg during WW2.
Just A Link
is a document based on Andrée Geulen's testimony, which tells us about the actions of twelve women who gave everything to save 3.000 children during the war.

Robert Fortune, The Tea Thief tells the extraordinary story of this Scottish botanist on Her Majesty's secret service, who managed to steal the secrets of tea to the Chinese.
The Tea Routes takes a trip throughout the economical world of tea, the world's most popular drink after water.

The Picture Divided
tells the story of the Portuguese immigration in France in the 60s. Under the dictature of Salazar and within 15 years, 800 000 Portuguese men and women flee their country and end up in France. Most of them are « homeless ».
Victor Martin's Mission tells us of this Belgian resistant's perillous adventure, during which he was sent to find out where WW2's deportation trains brought the prisoners. His mission led him to the doors of Auschwitz.
From Auschwitz to Jerusalem is the moving story of children who needed to hide after the war, and their clandestine emigration to Palestine.

The Comic Strip Hits 100 is a document on the relationships between the comic strip and other forms of art.
Chocolat Mon Amour opens the doors to the pleasures of chocolate and its modern history.
Rhodes Forever
reveals the unique fate of the Jewish community in Rhodes.

Chronicles Of Hope
tells us about the veteran soldiers who fought in Spain's international brigades.
Escape To The Rising Sun takes a look at the fate of 20.000 Jews who fled and survived in Shanghai during WW2.

Future projects…

Adam and Eve is a humoristic and rigorous film about woman's role in the big monotheistic religions, stemming from a faithful reading of the texts.
Timecode is the portrait of Jean-Pierre Beauviala - visionary inventor, founder of Aaton and forefather of the timecode - of the items manufactured by Aaton and the people who make them.
Faces of the Occupation
is a first attempt to describe the mechanisms of the occupation of a country from the three major (re)active standpoints of the occupied population, that is to say, the authorities in place, collaboration, and resistance, in a given country (Belgium) and at a given point in time (World War II).
Journey to Comfortland is a humorous journey to the heart of Belgian identity, to plumb the depths of the society of comfort.  The country’s philosophy of life is represented by the availability of epidural analgesia in childbirth.  Childbirth must be painless.  Life, too, must be lived without pain.
The Gold Robbers
tells us about the experience of a French courtesan and the birth of the first "western" during the gold rush in Victoria.
Triks is a documentary that focuses on three European magicians whose divergent lives intersected at a famous magic studio in post-World War II Amsterdam called "Studio Triks".