Rhodes Forever

A film by Diane Perelsztejn

Rhodes Forever is a contemporary portrait that weaves imaginary family ties between the Jews of Rhodes and their descendents. The film tells the remarkable but largely unknown story of these people who, despite the physical destruction of their community during World War II, managed to transplant their unique Jewish culture elsewhere, notably in the Belgian Congo, and Europe.

Director & Writer:

Diane Perelsztejn
Producer: Willy Perelsztejn
Images: Guido Van Rooy
Script girl:

Yoke Keyser

Sound: Johan Primusz
Editing: Luc Provoost
Sound editing: J-P Bouccin
Research & Documentation: Diane Perelsztejn
Evelyne E. Lévy
Interviews: Myriam Pimienta-Benatar
Commentary: Michel Israël
Music: Hespèrion XX
Sylvain Goldberg
J-P Bouccin
59 minutes - 16 mm - Beta digital - Stereo - Colour

A coproduction of Les Films de la Mémoire - Filmiryhmä Oy - BRTN - RTBF - YLE

With the support:
  • Of the EURIMAGES Funds
  • Of the European Council
  • Of the French-speaking Community of Belgium
  • Of MAP-TV and DOCUMENTARY, initiatives of the program of the European Union's Commission

"Planète Cable" Prize: 15th Festival of the Ethnographic Film, Musée de l’Homme, Paris - 1996

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